Project Description

Committed to the growth of the Church worldwide,
we support missionaries working in Africa, Asia and right here in Australia.


We are compelled by the love of Christ Jesus to give all people, everywhere, the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

To do this as faithfully and as effectively as possible outside of our individual sphere of influence, we choose to partner with people and organisations who are called and committed to this Mission in other places. It is the Church’s responsibility to identify, equip and prepare these people for service, after which they are sent on our behalf as our National and Global partners with our financial, practical and prayer support.


Here at WBC, our Mission Ministry is budgeted and funded specifically through our Mission Giving Program, rather than through general church offerings.

Find out more about Giving at WBC

Other ways we can support our National & Global Partners

Pray intentionally
Find out what specifically you can pray for in the ministry and life of our Partners.

Initiate conversation
Be proactive in reaching out to our Partners, sign up to receive regular newletters, or reply to an update to encourage them in their ministry.

Send care packages
Sending a card or care package to our Global Partners or their children is a really special way to let them know you care. Birthday or Christmas gifts are a particularly nice surprise!

Offer help to our global partners on home assignment
When our Global Partners return on home assignment, they often do not have a car to drive or a place to stay. Offering to let them borrow an extra car or stay in a spare room can be a huge blessing.