Passage: Revelation 21:4

Among the many promises made by God about Heaven, some of the most profound are where He says He will personally “wipe away every tear and there shall no longer be any mourning, or crying.”

I am especially fond of the word “wipe” because it means “to obliterate.”

Think of it – in Heaven, God will “obliterate” all our tears!

Sometimes I think it might be like this:

Life is full of contradictions,
We laugh and love
And look with hope
At all of our tomorrows.

But there are also times
When we must walk
In the Valley of our Sorrows.

Our companions on this journey
Are our fears and doubts and hurts;
And that most painful of all crosses,
The burden of our losses. 

But you also meet your Saviour here,
With words to calm your fear:
“Give me your pain, your hurt and loss
And lay them down, at the foot of My Cross.”

And a Day is also coming
In a land where the light is crystal clear,
A home prepared for all of us,
Without sorrow, loss, or fear.

There you will see the face of Jesus,
His smile is broad and wide;
“Welcome to My forever home,
You, for whom I died!”

Life is full of contradictions,
But this one thing I know,
The losses we must bear for now
Will be wiped away forever…
In that Land of bright Tomorrow.

Isaiah said that Jesus, “bore all our griefs and sorrows” – in Heaven they have been obliterated!

Are you carrying a loss or grieving currently?  Bring it to Jesus, ask Him to comfort you and to strengthen you. Know this, He has promised to “walk with you through the valley.” (Psalm 23:4)