Passage: Revelation 21:3

What are you looking forward to most about Heaven?

Many will say they are looking forward to seeing family members and friends again.

For others, it will be living in a world where wrong has been made right and where justice and peace are experienced by everyone.

I have to confess, for many years, most of my expectations about Heaven have revolved around these, and similar ideas. But as I have been thinking, reading, and writing about Heaven over the past several weeks, a significant shift has taken place in my heart.

Heaven is ultimately, and supremely, all about God.

The grand statement of Revelation 21:3 is that in the new Heaven and earth, God will be with us forever and to make sure we understand this, John mentions it twice in the same sentence! He then goes on to say, in Revelation 22:4, that we “shall see His face.”

As I have reflected on this recently, I came across what scholars call “the beatific vision” – a term used to describe the concept of seeing God face to face.

Said one, “(the beatific vision is) gazing on God in utmost joy, (it) is the ultimate goal of Christian living, the fulfillment of our Christian discipleship.”

Said another, “We are true to the way God has made us when we make the vision of God our ultimate desire.”

I have also been challenged by the many references in the Bible to God’s servants longing to see His face: Psalm 27:4 and 1 Corinthians 13:12 are good examples.

In processing all of this, I have come to realise how deficient I have been in not making God and Jesus the focal point of Heaven. When my focus is on those I will see again or what a marvelous place Heaven will be to live, I make it about myself, forgetting that the greatest reward of all will be to see my Saviour face to face, the One Who has made it all possible.

Think of it – face to face with the One Who made us and saved us, forever.

It really is a transforming vision!

How does today’s thought change your expectation of Heaven?