Passage: Mark 10:13-16

When children die, do they go to Heaven?

Let me answer this straight up with a clear “Yes – I believe with all my heart that when a child dies, he or she goes to Heaven to be with Jesus.”

Let me share with you why.

When Jesus sees a child, He sees faith, trust, and humility. When Jesus said, “The kingdom of God belongs to such as these”, He wanted people to understand that entry into the kingdom was given to those who were humble and exhibited simple trust in Him – just as children do. To be sure, Jesus was not encouraging childish faith in His followers, but childlike faith.

Jesus always welcomed and blessed children – always. When adults tried to shoo children away from Jesus or treated them as something of a nuisance, He opened His arms, invited them to come sit with Him and blessed them.

In the same way, I believe Jesus welcomes children into His Heaven.

Yes – I know we are all born sinners.

Yes – I know God punishes sin.

But the God I have come to know through His Son, Jesus, is a God of compassion, grace, and unlimited love – I cannot conceive of Him as a God Who would turn a child away from the gates of Heaven.

I also know it from personal experience. Along the way to be being blessed with 4 beautiful children and 15 grandchildren, Karen and I walked through the pain of 5 losses. And our own children have also experienced similar losses of their own.

But I have a deep peace from God – and no doubt at all – that each of these precious children are safe in the arms of Jesus: we will see them in Heaven.

I say it again – I believe with all my heart that when a child dies, he or she goes to Heaven and is held close and safe in the arms of Jesus.

And so is yours.

If you have lost a child, what does it mean to you to know that he or she is loved and blessed by Jesus and has been welcomed by Him into His Heaven?