Reopening of WBC

The WBC Council has made the decision this week to reopen our Sunday services.

Having considered a number of different options we have taken the decision that we will conduct two Sunday morning services to commence on Sunday 2nd August 2020. Under Phase 4 of the easing of restrictions this restricts us to 200 people attending each service, but it does allow us to adequately provide for the needs of a congregation of our size.

In our decision making process we have taken into consideration the fact that the WA Government has also been hopeful of moving to Phase 5 of the easing of restrictions by July 18th.  This would have made it possible for us to resume with only one Sunday morning service. However, with the recent spike of COVID-19 infections in Victoria, a move by the WA Government into Phase 5 may well be delayed.

It also needs to be said that things are still delicately poised concerning the threat of COVID-19 and therefore we must remain ready to adapt again should there be a similar spike in WA. We sincerely pray that this will not be the case but we simply cannot take things for granted at the moment.

Resuming with two services on 2nd August gives us the time needed between now and then to organize the people, rosters and other necessary requirements to ensure we move into this next phase as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in serving in some capacity – assisting with offering/communion/kitchen/etc then please contact Maryanne Adams at the church office via her email or on 9309 4044.

I will be writing to you again next week with more specific details of these new arrangements but for now, our intentions are:

  • to have Kids for Christ only during one service (most likely the first service)
  • to keep each service to a maximum of an hour and a quarter
  • to hold a combined Morning Tea between the two services

My email next week will provide the specifics of service times, morning tea arrangements etc.

Sunday 2nd August may seem like a long way off for some of you but the reality is when you include this coming Sunday, it is only four Sundays away!

We have come a long way together over these past several months and have experienced the blessing of God in wonderful ways. The time when we can worship together again is fast approaching – let us continue to pray for all that needs to be done in the meantime.

Above all, continue to rejoice in our Saviour Jesus who is truly Lord of all our circumstances!


Pastor Rob