More news on reopening of WBC

As promised in in the previous update, here are the details:

  • Sunday morning services to commence on Sunday 2nd August 2020.  
  • We will be conducting two services every Sunday morning with a maximum capacity of 200 people per service.
  • The service times are 8.30am and 10.30am and they will each run for an hour and a quarter.
  • Kids for Christ and Little Lambs will run during the first service (8.30am) only. We would encourage those of you without children in KFC to consider attending the second service (10.30am) each week.
  • There will be a combined Morning Tea once a month between the two services from 9.45am – 10.20am. This provides us all with an opportunity to fellowship together even though we will be attending different services.
  • The Library will be open between the two services from 9.45am – 10.20am, with a limit of 3 visitors at a time.
  • Details on how we will be conducting communion and other aspects of our church life will be provided in our services on 2nd August 2020.
  • Livestreaming of our services will not be provided initially as we transition back to public services. However, we are very hopeful that this will recommence in due course. We believe this provides those in our community who are unable to physically attend our services with the ability to be a part of our regular worship as well as being a great way of reaching out into the wider community.

If you have any questions at all about the above, then please call us at the WBC Office on 9309 4044. I can assure you that we are doing our very best to make this transition to the next phase run as smoothly as possible for each of you as well as ensuring that we are fulfilling all the requirements our Government is asking of us.

If you are interested in serving in some capacity – assisting with offering/communion/kitchen/etc then please contact Maryanne Adams at the church office via her email or on 9309 4044. With two services, we will need more helpers.

Please remain prayerful with us for everything that is involved in opening our church.


Pastor Rob