Reopening of WBC

We announced last Sunday (and also via email) that the WBC Council was meeting this week to discuss this especially in the light of the WA Government moving the State to Phase 3 of the easing of community restrictions. Council has unanimously endorsed the following:

  • Ministries of WBC and Growth Groups be permitted to reopen at the discretion of the leader/s. In order for this to happen there are a number of legal requirements that we must meet before the ministry restarts. We will be meeting with the WBC Ministry leaders next Tuesday 9 June to go over these and to facilitate a smooth transition to this phase. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes! We want to maintain a good testimony before the Lord and the world and be seen to be both advocating and doing the right thing. It all comes down to one of our core values as a church which is Holistic Care whereby we seek to care for ourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally and to extend that same care to others.
  • Hiring of WBC to outside organizations remains closed.
  • Church services to remain livestreamed. It is not practical or desirable to conduct multiple services of 100 people at the moment. This also means KFC will not reopen. Council will be meeting again on 7 July 2020 to look at this once more and in the light of any new announcements the State Government may make.
  • Our Members Meeting is allowed to proceed but we have reverted to a Thursday night and it will be held on 18 June 2020. (Members of WBC will be further advised of this via email).

And thank you again for your patience as we all navigate this together.


Pastor Rob