Change to the re-opening of ministries

Earlier this week I’ve let you know of the recent WBC Council’s decisions about what ministries can restart at WBC.

Now I am writing to you in light of the announcement made on 29 May by our State Government informing us of a further easing of COVID-19 restrictions within the community.

The Council has a scheduled meeting this Tuesday (2nd June) and the main item on the agenda is planning for the future of a way forward for the further reopening of WBC.

We are unable to announce what can/cannot recommence right at this moment but we are grateful that we have a few days to consider closely what the Government has said and to make decisions from there.

Once we have done this, we will advise you accordingly.

Please keep us as a Council in prayer. We deeply appreciate your love, prayers, care and support on our behalf.

And thank you for your patience as we all navigate this together.


Pastor Rob